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Why are we doing this?

Latrobe Valley frontline Healthcare Workers need our support

With the State’s latest surge in COVID-19, increasing case numbers and the ongoing rise in hospitalisations, our healthcare workers need our support.

Latrobe Valley’s healthcare workers are currently working long shifts, caring for our most vulnerable community members and getting very little respite with what at times appears like no end in sight.

We can’t change their workload, but we can brighten up their day with a free coffee from our community and a supportive message.

If you would like to offer our healthcare workers thanks and show them how much you value their tireless efforts, then please use this site to shout a coffee or share your words of support.

Kindness doesn't have to cost you anything

Messages from the community

From Kelly

Thank you for everything you do for us all. From patient care to vaccinations and testing, caring for our older people all while trying to stay healthy yourselves. LOVE YOUR WORK!!!!!

2022/02/08 at 4:07 pm
From Richard

Keep up the amazing work that you are all doing. You are an inspiration to our community and should be so proud of the work you have been doing for the past two and bit years. Stay strong and know that your community has your back.

2022/02/06 at 8:36 am

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What our healthcare workers are experiencing

This pandemic has been hard on all of us, it’s easy to forget about what our frontline workers are witnessing, the stress, the exhaustion and the anguish.

Read some stories direct from our local healthcare workers. Some are sad, some are uplifiting but all demonstrate a team of passionate care givers within Latrobe Valley.

Taking on the learning opportunities presented by the pandemic

Taking on the learning opportunities presented by the pandemic

TARA KINGAllied Health Assistant, Latrobe Regional Hospital After 14 years at Centrelink, Tara began working as an Allied Health Assistant…
Avon medical unit at LRH caring solely for COVID-19 patients

Avon medical unit at LRH caring solely for COVID-19 patients

The Avon medical unit at LRH has been converted to care solely for COVID-19 patients from the Latrobe Valley and…

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